Stefan (1989) is a Photography Artist. He moved to Buenos Aires at an early age, where he got infected by the blend of European chic and Latin sensualness, a trait still clearly visible in his signature today.

He resides between Amsterdam and Cape Town.


Stefan's limited edition prints are inspired by Renaissance's greatest painters, Rubens and Caravaggio, who were able to tell a story on a - single - canvas. His work is subject to the Human Condition including timeless archetypical truths such as belonging, esteem, anger and hope. His collections are celebrated for its cinematic aesthetic.

A selection of his commercial work can be found here.

I am heavily influenced by Carl Jung and te idea of the collective unconciousness.

By using photography as a medium to paint with archetypes: universal truths about the human condition, I try and explore the unconscious.

These truths, in turn, helps us to explain why we act the way we act. That is true art for me.

About the beauty of facing your own demons. Based on the biblical four horsemen of the apocalypse and four warrior archetypes. - AMSTERDAM 2019
A prelude the MAGNA collection. It is a an exploration on sexual liberation with an African twist of faith. - CAPE TOWN 2021
A collection of sixteen limited edition print pieces in a retelling of men's origin. It includes an NFT work and a coffee table book. - COMING SOON
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